Guitar Tuning

nylon string acoustic guitar

String Names The traditional and most standard tuning for guitar from the lowest (thick string) to the highest (thin string) is E A D G B E. ????Tip – An easy way to remember the string names is with this handy saying: Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie. Digital Tuners Tuning with an App There … Read more

Keyboard Buying Guide

white piano keyboard

Assuming that you already considered your options between a real piano and keyboard, buying a keyboard can still be an intimidating process. There are a variety of manufacturers that make a broad range of boards to fit different situations. My goal in this guide is to inform you of the main difference between the keyboard … Read more

Music in the Era of COVID-19

Covid 19 virus with music notes

Covid has made an impact on every area of our lives. These are a couple of light-hearted takes on music in relation to covid. I hope you can still find a little humor during these challenging times. COVID Rhythms Teaching rhythms is always a fun way to relate rhythms with syllables. In the time of … Read more