Music in the Era of COVID-19

Covid has made an impact on every area of our lives. These are a couple of light-hearted takes on music in relation to covid. I hope you can still find a little humor during these challenging times.

COVID Rhythms

Teaching rhythms is always a fun way to relate rhythms with syllables. In the time of COVID there's a lot of basic and advanced rhythms we can learn about.

Covid Chord Voicings

Music puns are the best because you need to have a good understanding of music in order for it to make sense and therefore, be punny.

This pun in particular is a fun play on the C major chord voicing; moving the C chord from root position, to three separate voices, and then finally landing onto a single chord voice.

The Coronavirus Etude

Before teachers transitioned explicitly to online lessons, we were playing the "Coronavirus Etude" daily in between lessons in order to keep the piano sanitized.

"Coronavirus Etude" by Jeff DePaoli - Download

Wear a Mask (Be Our Guest Parody)

Still debating on whether to wear? It's probably a good idea and here are some of your favorite Disney characters to tell you why.

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